LSATers: It’s almost September (sort of)

Summer is fully upon us, and our thoughts turn to swimming and picnicking, baseball games and amusement parks, and… the LSAT?

This is a public service announcement that in 2016, the fall LSAT comes a bit earlier than usual, on September 24. With Labor Day on the 5th there will be just three weeks between the usual start of school and the test, so those waiting until the not-quite-last-minute will feel even more time pressure than usual.

Most law school prospects realize that three weeks isn’t enough time to prepare well for a test as difficult — and important — as the LSAT, but just how much time is necessary? In my experience students who need substantial improvement, either because they need a lot of work on one section (hello, logic games) or because they need to get better across the board, will usually require somewhere between two and three months of preparation. This won’t be full time, of course — I recommend the extended prep period because some concepts and techniques take a while to sink in, and also because life happens and it’s best to leave some room for contingencies.

On the other hand, those who need only a few points’ improvement in order to achieve their goals are usually well served by spending somewhere in the neighborhood of four to six weeks preparing. (If the time they can dedicate to preparation is limited to only a few hours per week, then more time will be warranted.)

This means that for most students, there’s still plenty of time to get fully prepared for the LSAT, and of course I’d be happy to help; see my rates and packages page for some ideas or just get in touch and we can talk about your options. Also remember that your initial consultation is always free. But remember, the best time to do this is now because if your summers are anything like mine they slip away and before you know it you’re wondering where the time went. Check the prep companies’ schedules, buy some books, talk to a tutor (hi there!)… whatever you intend to do, now is the time to make sure you’ll actually do it in time.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled summer.

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