You have many options for test preparation — including commercial courses, or not hiring anyone at all — and I want you to feel comfortable with your decision. I also wouldn’t want to work with anyone whom I didn’t think I could help — I want you to rave about me to your friends, not tell them I was so-so. That’s why I’ll always have a discussion with you before we agree on an arrangement. This initial consultation is free, so why not get in touch with me now? Text or call me at 512-934-1566, or e-mail me using my contact form.

Our discussion will probably involve, among other things, you answering lots of questions about your1 strengths and weaknesses, your goals, and your expectations. I’ll also answer any questions you have about me and how we’d work together — whatever you want to know.

Additionally, if you’ve taken a practice test (an official one or one you took for another test prep company) you can send it to me. Based on your work, plus some discussion with you, I can usually tell what kind of work you’d benefit most from and how much I think I can help you.

Remember, I never charge for any of this initial consultation work, whether we wind up working together thereafter or not.

For information on my tutoring rates go here; for information on billing and payments go here. Or get in touch with me here so we can talk further.


  1. (or your son’s, daughter’s, etc., if you’re thinking of hiring me to help someone else.)