Bridge Pro in Tucson
1 notrump redoubled: The bridge pro’s favorite contract? And yes, this really is my license plate.

I believe that bridge (yes, the card game!) is one of the most enjoyable diversions around, and that’s one reason I’m now offering my services at the table, to help bring the game I Iove so much to others. I’m available as a bridge pro in Tucson (once live bridge comes back — soon, I hope!), at tournaments around the country, and of course online.


I’ve been playing since the mid-nineties; I was also an ACBL tournament director for a while; I chair the ACBL’s Board of Governors and the Masterpoint Committee. I’m putting together an audiobook about the game, an explanation of the two-over-one bidding system intended for new and intermediate players. (Watch this space for updates…) And I’ve concocted my own bidding system (not for the faint of heart — for more on that, go here.)

If you want some help working on your game, whether you’re brand new to it or have been playing for years, or if you’re just stuck for a partner, I can help. I am an advanced player who’s been thinking seriously about the game for many years (including reading voraciously, running computer simulations, designing my own bidding system…), and I bring that skill plus my experience as a teacher to any bridge engagement. Plus — and most importantly as far as I’m concerned — I love the game. I take it very seriously but I promise to be in a great mood no matter what happens at the table.

The details of a bridge partnership are very individualized so of course we’d have to talk, but to give you a general idea: I can happily play “standard”, two-over-one, or a strong club system; I can play at club games in Tucson (I am near the Adobe Bridge Center) and any time on BBO, and can travel to tournaments to play (and I do attend every NABC); price would be negotiated but is competitive with that of other local professional players. Call your Tucson bridge pro now, and let’s get started.

I also teach classes and present talks on various aspects of bridge. Most recently I did four intermediate lessons on bidding judgment. The slide decks from my lectures, as well as information on upcoming ones, are available on my bridge lessons page.

Finally, I am very active in the ACBL, the organization that runs most bridge tournaments in North America. I am Chair of the ACBL’s Masterpoint Committee and also of the Board of Governors. If you’d like to know more about that, go here.