First thing about my rates: I don’t charge for initial consultations, whether they last five minutes or more than an hour, so there’s no reason not to call. More on initial consultations.

My rate is $180 per hour.1 You pay only for time we spend working together, not any preparation time on my part, unless you have an unusual need that involves me doing a great deal of extra work for some reason which I would discuss with you first.

This rate applies to both remote (over the internet) and in-person tutoring.

I also offer intensive packages for those with a short time (up to a few weeks) available for a full-time commitment2; these aren’t priced by the hour and vary from student to student so if you think you might want this kind of help, please inquire. I would even consider traveling to your home city3 if you’re looking for truly intensive, full time help.

At the moment I don’t have a suitable space of my own, but if you’re in Tucson I can meet you either at your home or at a mutually agreeable public venue. (Any quiet place will do.) If you live in a different city then we’ll probably want to work remotely (using Skype, FaceTime, or another video conferencing setup; see above for rates) but if that doesn’t work for you note that in the past I have traveled to teach and have had students travel to see me; call me and we can discuss the details.

If you’re not sure what kind of arrangement is right for you, call or write me.

Related information is at these pages: initial consultations and billing and payment.

Also, I hate that I have to add this but the events of 2020 necessitate it: I’m very flexible about payment so if you need more time it’s almost always going to be fine if you ask, but if your payments are more than 30 days late (meaning after our meeting, or other date if agreed) then there will be a finance charge of 0.8% (that’s a 9.6% annual rate) per month or part thereof.


  1. I don’t have a strict “billing increment” like lawyers and so forth do, but I usually don’t like to think in increments of less than a quarter hour. And I round down.
  2. When I was at one of the big test prep companies I personally designed and supervised, in conjunction with one other teacher, the company’s first intensive MCAT program, a five week, 350 hour affair; you and I can do as much or as little as will work for you.
  3. I have had a moderately nasty case of SARS-CoV-2 and am now known to have a high titer of antibodies (which I donate to the Red Cross), so while it’s not 100% safe for me — the immune system doesn’t deal in absolutes — I have decided I am willing to behave as if I cannot catch the virus again. (The head of immunology at U of A even told me that if anyone in the world is immune, I am.)