Regardless what test you’re preparing for, once we get started we’ll be focusing on you — what you need to do to achieve your goals, and how I can help. It’s a very directed process, and one of the reasons I love being a tutor is that teaching itself is the great bulk of what I do. But the real world does need to be dealt with too and with that in mind I’ve put together pages on the rates I charge for tutoring, how I do billing and what forms of payment I take, the option to do our work remotely (i.e., over the internet, which these days is pretty much our only choice), and the availability of free consultations before you’ve committed to working with me.

I’ve also compiled some of the reviews that my former students have written. If we work together and you then see fit to write write something (honest only, please) about your experience with me on Google and/or Yelp, I’d be grateful. And I’d be even more grateful if you referred a friend or relative to me — referrals are my best source of new connections.