Lessons and Lectures

In addition to tutoring for graduate admission exams, the primary subject of this website, I teach and play bridge professionally. On this page you’ll find links to the lecture notes from some classes and presentations I’ve given. If you’re interested in hiring me to teach or play with you, go here; to learn about my bridge experience (I am Chair of the ACBL Board of Governors and the Masterpoint Committee, among other things) go here. And don’t miss the bottom of this page, where I link to my suggested conventions, for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players.

Since the pandemic hit I’ve done quite a few recorded lessons in conjunction with the Adobe/Duncan/Barrington alliance of bridge clubs. I won’t list all the lessons here, but I have saved copies of every recording and handout so if you’re interested, you could “sign up” after the fact; let me know and we’ll talk about it. If you’d like to see my current offerings they’re always listed at the Adobe Bridge Center website here. You do have to sign up in advance (it’s $10 apiece, which helps support the [nonprofit, charitable] club). Classes run every Tuesday at 11:30 am Arizona (Mountain Standard) time.

I also conduct a play-and-learn session every Tuesday morning at 8:30 am Arizona time. That runs on BBO, but you’ll simultaneously log into a zoom session with the group, and I go over each hand right after you’ve played it. It’s fine for beginning players but I always address issues that are more intermediate level, too. Get in touch if you want more information about these sessions.

Ah, live bridge — I miss it so much. (I think we’ll be back playing in the clubs and tournaments by July, but this isn’t an official ACBL pronouncement, just a personal guess.) Back in the pre-pandemic days I also gave live lectures. Most of that work is not yet available in publishable form (this is particularly true of my audio book series, which seems perpetually to be half done), but here are links to a few handouts I’ve written:

These lessons were first presented publicly at the Adobe Bridge Center in Tucson, Arizona.

This presentation was given at the Tucson Winter Sectional.

This presentation was given at the Northwest Bridge Center in Oro Valley, Arizona.


I’m often asked what conventions I think are the most important to learn, or the best, or simply what I like to play. With that in mind I’ve put together several suggested convention cards for different level players; to see them, go here.


For more information on my bridge experience and availability, go here. For more on ACBL issues, go here.