Lessons and Lectures

On this page you’ll find links to the lecture notes from a number of classes and presentations I’ve given. The most recent, which I presented at the Northwest Bridge Center in Oro Valley in February, was Disappointing the Declarer: Taking all your tricks on defense. And don’t miss the bottom of the page, where I link to my suggested conventions, for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players.

Most of my work is not yet available in publishable form (this is particularly true of my audio book series, which seems perpetually to be half done) so there aren’t many presentations here yet, but here are a few others:

These lessons were first presented publicly at the Adobe Bridge Center in Tucson, Arizona.

This presentation was given at the Tucson Winter Sectional.


I’m often asked what conventions I think are the most important to learn, or the best, or simply what I like to play. With that in mind I’ve put together several suggested convention cards for different level players; to see them, go here.


For more information on my bridge experience and availability, go here. For more on ACBL issues, go here.