Social Media, Social Me?

(A quick preview for those who think I write too much: I’m now on Yelp!)

I love to teach, and teaching test prep works well for me. But one unfortunate aspect of this business is that there isn’t much repeat work: when I help someone attain the score he or she needs, the usual result is that the student heads off to graduate school and thence to medicine, law, business, or whatever else the goal was. I’m therefore always looking for new students.

To that end I’ve decided to put up a listing on Yelp. (I guess it’s actually “Yelp!”, with the exclamation point. Sigh.) Because it’s a new listing there aren’t any reviews yet, and Yelp is adamant that it’s not appropriate to request them (and I agree), but going forward I’ll be watching my star rating (come on, five!) and, I hope, reaching more people who need my help.

We shall see.


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