Test Preparation in a Coronavirus World

Recent world events have been overwhelming for most of us and I imagine that test preparation is far down most people’s lists of priorities. And that is as it should be: staying healthy and safe, and protecting those around us, needs to be paramount.

But life will resume, let us hope, and things may go back to a new-but-recognizable normalcy, and for many that will mean taking, at some point, grad school admission exams. Further, for those who know that some day they’ll be taking such an exam, now might just be the perfect time to begin preparation; after all, there’s probably less competing for your time right now than you’ve experienced in years.

For the time being all my tutoring will be remote — via Zoom Skype, FaceTime, that sort of thing. I’ve been doing this for years and can tell you that it works quite well. How we do it varies from test to test; I’ll be happy to discuss details with you. I have a page with more about remote tutoring here.

Note that many upcoming test dates have been cancelled, and more probably will be. For details on that, go to my page on scheduling… but note that each test’s situation is fluid, so you’ll need to keep checking for updates.

On a side note: I have COVID-19. I came down with symptoms March 11 and immediately went into isolation; as of thsi posting (March 23) I am still isolated. Luckily I am largely recovered (and am doing tutoring sessions again), but I can say from personal experience that you do not want this disease; it is not fun. And that’s from someone relatively young and healthy who didn’t get a severe case. Please, please, please, everyone, be careful. You don’t want it, and you don’t want to pass it to anyone else.