Wanted: New Clients

Announcing my new rewards-for-referrals policy! If you’ve worked with me and were impressed with the help I was able to give you, I’d be tickled if you’d pass my name along to anyone else you know who needs tutoring help. And to give you a little incentive to do just that, I’m implementing a new referral policy: If you refer someone to me and (s)he purchases at least four hours of tutoring , I’ll send you an Amazon gift certificate worth $50. Refer someone who purchases at least twelve hours and I’ll make that a $100 gift certificate. It’s my thank you to you for connecting me with someone who needs my help.

This reward is available to my to former students, of course, but also to anyone else who knows or knows of my work.

Legal stuff: As long as the prospective student tells me during our initial communication (i.e., when he or she first calls, emails, or texts me, or during our first conversation) that you sent him or her to me, you’re in; I’ll send the gift certificate after I’ve received payment for tutoring in the amounts listed above. Only one referral per new client; a new client is someone whom I’m haven’t spoken with before. Please don’t collude to get the certificates, but note that friends, colleagues, family members, and so on are eligible — really, that’s the point, right? The only limitation is that you can’t refer yourself. Oh, and suppose I should say “void where prohibited”, but whatever. We’ll work it out.

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