I’m here!

Internet, meet Doug. Doug, meet internet.

While I’ve been tutoring for well over a decade, I’ve always resisted formalizing things — I never liked the idea of having my own business, or at least of saying I have my own business. But it’s (long past) time, so here I am: DougCouchman.com has launched, as a way to let the world know that I’m available for tutoring help. What I do hasn’t changed — I can still help you ace any of the graduate admission exams, along with a whole lot of other things — it’s just that now I’m grudgingly admitting that a little marketing may be in order.

Accordingly, if you or someone you know needs test preparation help, drop me a line using the contact form. Keep in mind that I am available for in-person tutoring throughout the (San Francisco) Bay Area, and on-line tutoring (using Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or your conferencing application of choice) for students anywhere in the world. The on-line tutoring works remarkably well, so you needn’t be worried that I won’t be able to help you because of where you are. And because most students are eligible for a free trial lesson (ask me about the details), there’s no risk to you… other than the risk that you’ll soon find yourself with more grad school options than you expected!